Sunday, June 16, 2013

May Ipsy 2013

Happy SUNDAY!  I'm a bit behind, but good news is that I have finished my spring quarter of school and will have a much lighter load this summer.  Meaning= quicker reviews!!  Here are my May Ipsy bags (yes bags).  May's bag was such an awesome value and Ipsy changed from just have 1 or 2 either or variations to multiple variations. So to increase my chances of getting what I really really wanted (Macadamia treatment oil), I created another account.
Main account: 

Overall a very solid bag..I was very pleased with this bag and a month later can say honestly I have used everything except the Urban Decay shadow.
This was an extra that selected Ipsy members received.  Thrilled to get this..a $20 value!!  Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to pull this off and it was too beautiful to sit in my vanity and get wasted, so I traded this for a few other items with a fellow Makeup Talk member.
Pacifica is a brand I've tried before through Ipsy.  Love them..cruelty free brand..this product has a light scent with shimmer..perfect for summer!
I am probably late, but I am loving Juice Beauty.  This has been my go to.  I sheer lipgloss in the shade Pink.
Yaby brand concealer in Pecan.  Actually a great match for my skin tone..they used my profile!
Zoya nail polish..big 5 free brand.  I LOVE Zoya..this is the other reason for the 2nd sub this month. Retails at $8.  This color is Piaf from the Spring 2013 Lovey Collection.  See color on my nails in pics below.
Retails for $12.  Received this scent in both bags.  Ipsy sampled this scent and Island Vanilla.
Bag #2
Created a profile with same ethnic background and skin type so I could actually use products tailored to me, but changed my style items and celebrities I follow:

Mirabella Lipstick in Posy.  (Note I am wearing Piaf on my nails!)

Swatch..Nice color for my work look!

Zoya in the shade Gie Gie, also from 2013 Lovey Collection

Anastasia Brow gel...I have to admit this was the one product I cringed when I saw what I was getting.  I received the Chella brow gel in December's (?) bag and it was okay but nothing clear mascara can't do.  But I have used this EVERY day.  It holds all day and does not flake at all...LOVE LOVE LOVE! Will def. purchase full size.


Another Yaby concealer (everyone received the concealer and Zoya, the other items were variations.  Obviously they did not look at profiles of persons who signed up late.  A lot complained about this as very fair people got pecan or honey (which is the shade I traded this for..also a good match for me during winter months.

In all, this has definitely been my favorite month of ipsy.  I've been subscribed since November 2012 and while pleased..this has took the cake.  I am sure to be a long time customer if bags like this with exceptional value continues. 

Want to subscribe?  The wait list is often less than two weeks.  If planning to subscribe, please use my referral link :)  Happy subbing!


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