Thursday, July 25, 2013

Citrus Lane July 2013

This month's Citrus Lane box I got was for a 18 month old boy.  This month was much better than last month's box, which left many disappointed including myself.  Here is a first look at my box:

I love a full(ish) looking box!

I am very happy with these contents.  Upon first looking at it, this is a well-rounded box, the only thing missing is a book..oh well!

As always, included is an information card and this month a bonus gift (a "mom" gift) is 10 free Postagrams that you can send from your cell phone or computer anywhere.  I haven't tried this yet but plan to send a few out before summer ends and I go back to work!

I was ecstatic when I saw these were going out to my son's age group!  This is a Peg Puzzle by Melissa and Doug.  I have recently been obsessing over their products because I love the old- fashion made/ long-lasting wooden toys.  I had been recently looking at the larger knob puzzles made for 12+ months.  This puzzle is for 2+ and I considered saving it for Christmas when he'll be 22 months but decided to try him with it.  Of course he doesn't know his numbers yet and can't fit the correct pieces in the shape but he is playing with it and it is helping with his fine motor skills as well.  There was several variations that went out of this puzzle that included farm and zoo animals, which has less pieces and is probably a bit easier but I was secretly hoping for this one, although I am planning to purchase the others as well.  Retails at $7.99

Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack - Set of 2.  At first I thought these go in a cooler, but these are for injuries while out and about.  I definitely don't have anything like this in my fist aid kit and since N is now mobile and walking (and a boy!), I'm sure I'll need these sooner rather than later.  Retails at $2.99 

What baby doesn't love applesauce?  I'm all about pouches for on-the-go!  Retails for approximately $.78-$1

Zoli snack stacker..super excited to get this;  I love finding out about new brands through Citrus Lane..Zoli is one of them.   Retails for $18 on, but have found for $14.95 at various retailers.

Another can also add an additional stacker to this one or purchase lids separately ($6-$10 depending on where you shop) if you need a smaller container.
In all, I am very pleased with this month's box.  Approximate retail is around $29.98, and although the shopper in me could probably find the same items for around $20, I still feel the value is there.  Could they improve?  Absolutely!  Although I love pouches, it would have been great to send a bag (or 2!) of snacks that could be transported in the snack stacker.  Some boxes did get individually wrapped Ella's cookies, but you get my point.  If including such a low volume item - the food pouch counts as the 4-6 items, I really wish they would include multiple pouches (i.e. a 4-pack or 2 snack items like they did in May) or another item, (sorry, I don't count the 10 free postagrams as the 5th item in this box).  Just my thoughts though...I am much happier this month than last month and will continue to subscribe.

Did you love this box and want to try Citrus Lane yourself? If you would like to subscribe you can save more by signing up for a 6 month subscription for $125 (savings work out to be $21/month). Save an additional $10 if you use my referral link (we both get $10) here.   

Birchbox July 2013 - Suits

This month's Birchbox theme was based on the television show Suits.  I have to admit, I was too excited when I saw the sneak peaks and had my fingers crossed for the Instain blush that came out a little while ago!

Add caption

Info card as always regarding featured products and must-have beauty items.

Look at entire box at a glance:  DDF acne treatment (.5 oz), 2 packets of Caldrea tea olive lime body lotion (.25 oz each), Set of 2 Birchbox bobby pins, Instain blush by The Balm, and I.C.O.N. India oil (.34 fl oz).

This was my most wanted item in this month's box!  The Balm Instain blush in Swiss Dot.  Comparision of size next to a  my Matt Batali sample from Ipsy.  This is smaller than the Bahama Mama blush sent out months ago but still a very decent "sample."

Swatch of The Balm Instain in Swiss Dot blended.

In all, this month was a great month for Birchbox in my book.  I've been disappointed a bit recently, but that being said, there is always at least one item I love in one of my boxes.  This month however, I have loved everything tried this far..WINNER!!

Birchbox has a great point system where you earn 10 points for each product reviewed in your monthly box and equals $ for $10 your are getting back around $5 per box to buy anything including gift subscriptions in $10 increments.  If you plan to join, I'd love for you to use my referral link listed here:

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Big Day Box Introduction - August 2013

I very recently learned about a new subscription service called My Big Day box.  It debuts next month, August 2013 and currently they are open and taking subscribers. This service provides a monthly clutch filled with 4-6 beauty-related products that would be perfect to present to not only a bride or a wedding party but also to someone (including yourself!) as a treat.  I love the idea of getting my samples each month in a clutch, something reusable that I can wear out and about and not simply keep stashed in my closet. 

My Big Day is $24.95 per month including shipping.  One thing that I like about the billing is that each month is invoiced (unless you pay yearly), rather than billing automatically from your account each month on the 1st (or 2nd or 5th) as some companies vary depending on weekends and holidays.  I like having control over when and how I pay for things!   My Big Day box is also introducing a referral program where if you sign up a friend before August 1st you and your friend will both receive an EXTRA item in your box.

Now here's a chance to win 2 boxes for September and October 2013:  Simply LIKE My Big Day box on Facebook and share the photo that you can find on their page.

So when are you signing up?  For their first box, My Big Day box for August has a retail value of $150.  Check out their site for sneak peaks and more information of what to expect here.

***Disclosure:  Opinions are my own.  Images are not mine and belong to My Big Day Box***

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fabfitfun Summer 2013 box

So here is my review of my second Fabfitfun box:

Outside box...Came quickly, despite expecting the original ship date to be the end of June..This came a week into July.

A first look at the box; a bit different packaging then the last box but filled up and no Jewelmint!!

Pur-lisse pur-delicate cleanser-5.6 oz, retails for $36.  I can't wait to try this..I've heard great things about this brand, though I have not tried it yet.

Evian facial spray-5 oz Retails for $12.  Claims to moisturize, refresh, and tone skin.  Basically this is a spray can of water, but honestly I am very impressed.  I saw a review of this product from Youtube before I knew the box would have it in it.  I'm not sure about the toning part, but this is very cooling and refreshing.  I can't wait use this on a hot day out and about.

Yes to Cucumbers soothing facial wipes 10 ct. Retails for $2.99.  I am probably the last person that has not tried a Yes to product lol.  I'm a bit disappointed that this was a travel size, but that's probably me just being selfish and wanting more!  I'm okay with a's more than enough for an extended weekend getaway. 

Catalina Su lip gloss- no color listed, retails for $14.  Some people may be tired of receiving lip glosses in sub boxes, but lip gloss is a staple for me and I love trying out new brands. This people made me a bit nervous when I first pulled it out, but it is very moisturizing, not "sticky" at all, and is a nude color.  Perfect for toning down bright lipsticks. 

Orly Nail lacquer full size, retails for 8.50.  Color is Sparking Garbage..I love Orly nail polishes, especially their base and top coats!

Infinity Sun Glow on the Go-3oz, retails for $35. (Sigh..)  Glad this box has multiple items with a high retail value, but really?  Everyone does not need or want to be bronze in the summer.  Check out my profile pic and see why I don't need this lol.

Kind Bar, retails between $1.65-1.99 each.  I know that this is a part fitness sub, so healthy snacks are a given, but I dislike any diet or health bars.

Sunglasses from Ivory & Mason, retails for $135.  These are advertised as being These are incredibly small, I think they fit a lot better on my toddler; check out my pics at the bottom of this post.  he good news is that for $9.95 subscribers can exchange them for another pair. You can check out there different styles here.

Freeze it surf spray for "beachy hair," retails $7.48. Yeah, this is another product I can't use.  I wish that this was one of the items there was a variation for..oh well, I traded this on a swap board for an item my son could use.
In all, this was a great improvement over the Spring box and I really think that they are taking concerns seriously in order to improve.  I am still debating whether to stay around for the fall box or not, as I was happy with this box for $25, but would not be for $50, simply due to the fact I could not use 2 products equaling $42 in value, not including the extra $10 I will have to pay to utilize the sunglasses.  That being said, for $50 this box had an approximate value of $216 retail price..awesome deal I just wish it was around $35-40!!

However, I do have a $10 off code that is good for a one-time use for new subscribers.  Message me and I will send it to the first person that asks and will update this post if I come across anymore.  Subscriptions are quarterly at $49.99 per box, next quarter is scheduled to start in September.  If interested in signing up please do so through my link.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Enter to win a 3 month subscription to Birchbox!

It's Giveaway time! I've been a subscriber to Birchbox for a year as of June, so to celebrate I thought it was time to share a little something with my readers as a thank you for being so patient with me this year as I juggle my son, family, work, and school. I will be giving away one 3 month subscription to Birchbox Woman (U.S. subscription) to one of my lucky supporters. Birchbox is what started it all for me...I discovered Birchbox after having my son and spending restless nights watching Youtubers talk about subscription services. Long story short, this peaked my interest and after researching I decided to try Birchbox and I've been with them ever since!
For those who do not know, Birchbox is a sample service that brings 4-6 beauty related products, including some "lifestyle" items to you monthly for $10. Birchbox usually has over 30 variations monthly, which is based on filling out a profile in their system when you join. Birchbox has a great point system where you earn 10 points for each product reviewed in your monthly box and equals $ for $10 your are getting back around $5 per box to buy anything including gift subscriptions in $10 increments. This point system comes in handy if you're like me and try to be thrify but end up loving a $80 moisturizer you would never normally buy.
So on to the disclosures: I am hosting this giveaway, which is sponsored by only me and is not affiliated with Birchbox or any Facebook sites this giveaway is posted to. The winner of the giveaway will be notified by August 3rd. The 3 month gift subscription may or may not include the August box; it may be a "Welcome box" instead. Birchbox is not always consistent with giving welcome boxes or starting off with that month's just depends. The rules are very simple, subscribe to my page-show me some love-through either Google Connect or Bloglovin(required) and the 3 month women's subscription (valued at $30) is for U.S. residents only. Giveaway ends July 31 at 12 am EST. Earn additonal entries daily by clicking the Easy entry once per day or leaving a comment on my Facebook page...good luck to all! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 2013 Ipsy Bag - Beach Beauty with pics!

My Ipsy bag arrived this weekend!  I canceled one of my bags this month so it is back to just one..which is totally fine!
The theme is month was Beach Beauty and focused on all things beachy...think hanging out looking at the ocean!

First look outside of the mailer.  Very impressed with the separate packaging of the beach spray.

I personally do not have a need for this, but it was one of the sought-after products and I totally understand this product fitting in the theme for the month.  Love the tiny packaging!

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop crayon in Coral Crush.

I love anything coral, so I was too happy with this color.  The application was a bit streaky IMO, but workable.

I can't wait to try this.  Coola is very highly spoken of and is Organic.  I'm always looking for new skincare products and plan to try this by next weekend!

So I haven't opened this yet because I'm not sure if I'm keeping it.  It's a mini palette with 3 nice sized shadows in the California collection by BH cosmetics.

Full size Nailtini nail polish in Mai Tai, also a coral-like red.  This is the 3rd Nailtini I've gotten since subbing in November.  No complaints here, I love nail polish and Nailtin is 3-free!

A final look  at the bag..pretty well-rounded :)

Do you like what you see?  It's $10 for the bag which includes a cosmetic bag and you also get 4-6 items that are deluxe samples with some full sized products. Depending on when you sign up sign, there is sometimes a wait, but the wait list is often less than two weeks and usually opens before the cutoff for that month's bag. If planning to subscribe, please use my referral link :)

Happy subbing!