Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BzzAgent - Quaker Oats Campaign

I've been a BzzAgent since July or so of last summer and only recently got into my first campaign in November with the Afrin Stick Up for Yourself campaign.  Not terribly exciting, but it is a useful product and helped get my score higher so that in a matter of a couple of months I got into a second campaign and now I have four campaigns running at the same time!  My latest one is the Quaker Oats Campaign where I have to say I am very impressed by the swiftness of the product delivery.  In less than 7 days of being accepted into the campaign, I came home from work with a package waiting at my doorstep!

Inside are full-sized (no samples with BzzAgent!) products with the intentions for you to try the product, give honest reviews on the site (which allows your score to go up or down depending on participation, not your review), and then tell your friends about the product in the hopes that word-of-mouth advertising will allow sales to go up.  I think this is a great marketing strategy.  The kit includes coupons for you to pass out to the people you "buzz" to (usually around 10), and an information guide so you can be..well informed about the product when you speak to people.
Inside the first box is cookies as you can see..seven packages individually wrapped, perfect for work or to pack in a lunch.  My husband and I both tried these tonight and I was pleasantly surprised as I did not know what to expect.  Not too sweet and multi grained.
Not too much to say about these.  I have been a fan and consumer of these for years (regular sized) but these are "Big Chewy" bars..so I can expect it to be more satisfying perhaps??  Since it only comes in a package of 5, I suppose one bar will substitute the two I normally would eat in one sitting.
Lastly, what is Quaker without trying their oatmeal.  I am curious to try this out, as I usually only eat plain oatmeal sweetened, but this is favored and left unsweetened so you can add in your own perfect balance.  Named Perfect portions, I suppose this is the ideal size is up to you.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Citrus Lane February 2013

So excited for this month's box!  It is my son's birthday month and since I usually receive this box around the 21st or so i wasn't expecting it this week.  What a pleasant surprise to find the box sitting on my porch when we came back from his birthday party. :)  This is the contents for our 12 month old (listed as a 13 month old) box.

Not a bad haul for the birthday boy!

Love receiving board books! We have loved all of the books that have come with our boxes :)
Treat for mom.  I know that some people don't like receiving things for themselves in the child's subscription box.  I'm fine with it as long as it adds value and doesn't take away from the child's box, which I don't feel was the case this month.
Just in time! At one years old, we have 4 teeth and two just coming in that we are caring for!
Haven't used yet, but there will never Not be a need for wipes.
 The star of the box.  There are no more "themes" but Citrus Lane's Facebook page said that there was a musical surprise in the box.  I saw this on thier website in a previous box and was hoping I would get one for my new "toddler." Which, might I add, he loves this and is immediately drawn to the ringing when he shakes it.
So what do you think?  Are you a subscriber and will you continue?  I have been very pleased as this is my 5th box or so.  We won't cancel anytime soon as long as the services remain the same!

Birchbox February 2013

I received Box 2 for Birchbox this month and I have no complaints!  I received a "snowed in" email from them stating that because of the winter storm my box would be delayed and would not ship out unitl the 13th.  No biggie, but I always like to check my account on the 10th and see what I'm getting becuase I never recieve my box until around the 17th or 18th.  Unfortunately it did not update until the 13th but was worth the wait!  Another plus, it actually got to me in 3 days..which is the "right time" mail travel wise from New Jersey where they are shipping from, but with Mail Innovations,(their preferred mailing system) it takes up to 7 days (Boo!)

 Box #2:
Box also included a Caramel Ghirardelli Square for Valentine's Day (Sorry it's not in the pic, Hubby got a treat).

Very happy with the sizes of all the products!  True "Deluxe" samples :)


Lancome is a new brand Birchbox is sampling. It's definitely a household name but I've never tried it so I was estatic to be able to receive the Bi-Facil in my box (went perfectly with this month's eye make up theme I received from Ipsy). I have really sensitive eyes and I am also a contact lens wearer and I am a fan. It feels a bit oily but it is not. Thumbs up for me: effective and no irritation, unlike my Almay gives me..I may switch!  Generous sample size of 1.7 fl oz.

There's a lot of different reactions to both Twistbands and Colorclub polish in the Birchbox community.  I have no problem with either and although I'm not excited about them, they are useful and a great addition IMO.  The color is gorgeous..Pantone's color of the year for Spring 2013 is Emerald green so this is right on trend!

I have not tried this yet, but love the smell.  I requested samples a couple of months ago and received 3 foil packets of different products, so I am happy to receive a size I can get a few full uses from.  Another generous sample at 2 fl oz.

Overall...A great month for Birchbox!  If you aren't happy with your boxes, I suggest changing your profile to reflect differnt income and interests but keeping hair and skin types the same as Birchbox does and will send makeup, BB creams, and hair products.  What did you get in your box?  Was it a winner?