Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013 Citrus Lane

Just received my Citrus Lane box for a 16 month old boy.  I have to admit after seeing spoilers I was not excited as I usually am nor was I looking forward to this box!

First look of the box.

The reveal of the contents.

I was really expecting a bucket style hat as I had seen others get.  Not feeling the hat, though it's probably not the flap style or orange..it's the huge blue peace signs all over it!  I Play hat retails for $14.

Love that this is SPF 50+!  Not loving the 6-18 month size for a 16 month old.  N's head is in the 99th percentile..soooo  this does not fit lol.

Haba sand castle mold.  Retails for $4.74.

Happy Tots plus pouch, retails for approximately $1.99.

A Citrus Lane exclusive...translation:  Episencial does not carry this size (1.5 oz.) on their site.  The 2.7 oz. tube on their site retails for $15, making this approximately worth around $6.50.  The tube feels half full, which it is because the tube is the same size as the 2.7 oz tube and filled with 1.5oz of product. (Thanks ladies on my FB group that pointed out the deceptive sticker!)

Total retail value of box: approximately $27.24.  To sum it up, I was indifferent to this box.  Very happy to get usable items, as N did not have any hats to fit him for this summer or any outdoor toys (this time last year he was only 4 months old!).  Unfortunately, if Citrus Lane would have added another low value toy or even a $3 snack, it would have really made a huge difference.  A four item box would really need to include another high dollar item to satisfy its customers and justify the $25 subscription cost.  I plan to give Citrus Lane a fair chance for the next few months, because I really do love them and hope that they get back to the boxes I first feel in love with.

Did you love this box and want to try Citrus Lane yourself?  If you would like to subscribe you can save more by signing up for a 6 month subscription for $125 (savings work out to be $21/month). Save an additional $10 if you use my referral link (we both get $10) https://www.citruslane.com/invitedby/nikkia.dowling 

Comment below and tell me what you would like to get in your next box!

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