Friday, May 10, 2013

May 2013 Birchbox with Pics - Beauty Diaries

My Birchbox arrived yesterday!!  This is the soonest (9th of the month) that it's gotten to me as well as the fastest (came 4 days sooner than ETA).  Thank you Birchbox!  Here is my box:

Love that I have 5 items to review; makes it easier to get to my next $10 reward.  Upon first look, great size samples.

Info card and Pilot Pantone pen, which is one of the possible lifestyle extras this month.

Vitivia: contains 6 capsules for skincare
Lip Fusion Infatuation: .09g in La Lip Jolie
Cotz Face: SPF 40, blends into natural skintone 3.0g
Beauty Protector: no size (1oz?), Detangles, protects, leave-in conditioner, all-in-one, and 100% vegan

 The beauty Protector is the only thing I've tried so far.  IT has great reviews and is great for all hair types.  While I love the smell and how soft it made my hair feel, I don't know if it's worth the $21 it retails for, but hey!  That is what birchbox points are for.
Interested in trying out Birchbox and receive deluxe samples each month?  Use my special link, if you please! 
Birchbox has over 30 variations of their boxes each month, customized based on your profile (age, income, interests, make-up habits..)  Your boxes upload on the account page on the 10th of each month if you want to know what to expect before it arrives.  Which variation did/will you receive? Comment below!

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