Saturday, September 29, 2012


My apologies for being absent for a bit!  I’ve been attempting to manage my new schedule with work while maintain full time status as a graduate student, mother and wife.  Sometimes a break is needed and since I cannot take a break from family, school or work, my other activities had to go on the back burner for a while until I could re-organize my priorities.  I have lots of upcoming posts regarding my recent subscription services, baby food, and best of products.  I sincerely hope that you will find something useful!
Summer has ended and as autumn begins, my is time to start thinking about and preparing for the holidays!!  This is my favorite time of year (not including summer) because I love how each month is a holiday, a family member’s birthday or something exciting is going on.  My husband and I are especially looking forward to this year having a real reason to decorate and take pictures like remember our precious first holiday moments with our son. 
How this year will be different:
v  We’re going to send out cheesy holiday cards with our pictures on them.
v  D├ęcor..we always do more than necessary, but this year I’m sure we are going to do more along the lines of baby friendly decorations.
v  Attend family events to show off the baby while maintaining boundaries in order to spend our first holiday together as a family.
v  Creating/continuing our own traditions.
v  Enjoying our time and watching our baby’s milestones.
I think this year will be the most excitement that I've had for the holiday season since I was a child :).