Friday, June 21, 2013

July 2013 Ipsy Spoilers!

Thanks to Makeup Talk I have found out the first spoiler for Ipsy and it's not even the 1st yet!

Pre-Spoiler #1:

There will be 5 items in July's bag.

Pre-Spoiler  #2:

One of the items is Benefit's Benetint! (ETA- this will only be in some of the bags!)

Spoiler #1
 Pop Beauty Pouty Pop crayon- color varies
Spoiler #2
Coola moisterizer with SPF
Spoiler #3
BH Cosmetics mini palette sample- California Colors
Spoiler #4
Big Sexy Hair Humidity Resistant Spray -or- Beach Spray
Spoiler #5
Or Items - Nailtini nail laquer in Mai Tai, Benefits Benetint, derma e microdermabrasion scrub, Demeter salt perfume
*Images courtesy of and spoiler info courtesy of Makeup Talk.
Go ahead and subscribe!  It's $10 for the bag which includes a cosmetic bag and 4-6 items that are deluxe samples with some full sized products. The wait list is often less than two weeks and usually opens before the cutoff.   If planning to subscribe, please use my referral link :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 2013 Citrus Lane

Just received my Citrus Lane box for a 16 month old boy.  I have to admit after seeing spoilers I was not excited as I usually am nor was I looking forward to this box!

First look of the box.

The reveal of the contents.

I was really expecting a bucket style hat as I had seen others get.  Not feeling the hat, though it's probably not the flap style or's the huge blue peace signs all over it!  I Play hat retails for $14.

Love that this is SPF 50+!  Not loving the 6-18 month size for a 16 month old.  N's head is in the 99th percentile..soooo  this does not fit lol.

Haba sand castle mold.  Retails for $4.74.

Happy Tots plus pouch, retails for approximately $1.99.

A Citrus Lane exclusive...translation:  Episencial does not carry this size (1.5 oz.) on their site.  The 2.7 oz. tube on their site retails for $15, making this approximately worth around $6.50.  The tube feels half full, which it is because the tube is the same size as the 2.7 oz tube and filled with 1.5oz of product. (Thanks ladies on my FB group that pointed out the deceptive sticker!)

Total retail value of box: approximately $27.24.  To sum it up, I was indifferent to this box.  Very happy to get usable items, as N did not have any hats to fit him for this summer or any outdoor toys (this time last year he was only 4 months old!).  Unfortunately, if Citrus Lane would have added another low value toy or even a $3 snack, it would have really made a huge difference.  A four item box would really need to include another high dollar item to satisfy its customers and justify the $25 subscription cost.  I plan to give Citrus Lane a fair chance for the next few months, because I really do love them and hope that they get back to the boxes I first feel in love with.

Did you love this box and want to try Citrus Lane yourself?  If you would like to subscribe you can save more by signing up for a 6 month subscription for $125 (savings work out to be $21/month). Save an additional $10 if you use my referral link (we both get $10) 

Comment below and tell me what you would like to get in your next box!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013!

What do dads want for Father's day?  I think the answer is similar to what moms want.  In addition to having the "day off,"  I think simply knowing you are appreciated for what you do is all that is required.  I'm lucky that my husband is very hands on and although I am sure we both wish the other would do more, we share the tasks together.  So today, my main gift was to let him do what he wanted..and that was to stay in bed as long as he wanted, not go anywhere, and to have some quiet time lol.

My day started early so I could run to the store and fix breakfast.
Cheese grits, sausage, cheese eggs, and avacodo and egg bake (heard through co-worker via Facebook/Pinterest)

Vanilla and blueberry pancakes..can't wait till next month when our own blueberries will start coming in!

Next:  setting up the gifts!
It's the little things that count..I think the cards and picture meant more than anything else!
 The rest of the day consisted of nap time for everyone and playing with N while daddy had some "me time."  Hubby even gave me a break from cooking dinner and we ordered pizza.  N is only 15 months and this is Daddy's second Father's day. Even though N is too young to know what's going on, he loves his daddy and shouted plenty of "Dada's" throughout the day as well as jumped on Daddy.  Can't wait for next year..Thanks for all that you do!

Ipsy Bag June 2013 - On the Wild Side

I received my Ipsy bag a few days ago and couldn't wait to see which bag I was receiving.  It appears that the multiple variations from last month my be a new Ipsy trend.  Here is bag #1:

First look out of the pink bubble mailer..

A first look at all of the products..3 full sized items!

A nice full and well-rounded bag..definitely worth the $10 price!
My next bag will arrive in a few days and I will update this post with pics and reviews upon receiving it!

Want to subscribe? The wait list is often less than two weeks and you will get one in time for July.  If planning to subscribe, please use my referral link :) 

Birchbox June 2013 - Wanderlust

This months Birchbox was much better than last month's box!  Below I featured the two products I'm most excited to try but love the entire box as a whole!
New logo launched this month..this is going to take getting used to!

Love the patterned lid!

Love the sample sizes this month!  Davines Love shampoo 2.5 oz!!  Too bad this contains sulfates, which I do not use.  Davines Love conditioner and Oil foil packets (unfortunately can not review these 3 items separately, so instead of 60 points, this box is only worth 40 points.

Laqa &Co Lil' Lip - very generous size "sample" that is more than ample to travel with and throw in my makeup bag.  No color listed, but is a fuchsia color.

Also included are 4 postcards pictured in the back of New York, Paris, London, and Barcelona, the inspiration for the Wanderlust collection nail polishes.

Color club mini- Birchbox exclusive in the shade London Calling

Suki exfoliate foaming cleanser 7.5 ml .25fl oz - Love getting samples in tiny jars!
Birchbox had over 40 variations this month.  I received box 6, after updating my profile last month as part of revamping their log and website.  This month marked one year of joining Birchbox.  See last June's box here.

Thinking about joining?  Birchbox has a great point system where you earn 10 points for each product reviewed in your monthly box and equals $ for $10 your are getting back around $5 per box to buy anything including gift subscriptions in $10 increments.  IF planning to join, I'd love for you to use my referral link listed here:
How did you like this month's box?  Comment below!

May 2013 Citrus Lane with Pics!

This month's Citrus Lane was for a 16 month old boy.  Very happy with the box, but have to say, I miss the themes!

N loved the veggie and fruit crisps, think firmer and healthy fruit roll up.  Not loving the rice cakes so much, but they did not go to waste lol.  Approximate value: $2.99 each

Retails for $9.99 from Barefoot books site, aged at 3-7 years old, but that doesn't bother me..I love always be happy to receive books!

Race car by Green toys.  I was happy to get this..Had been eying on Amazon for months. Ranged on Amazon anywhere from $5.80 to $8.  Retails for $8.99.

Can you believe this was once a milk carton?  Green toys makes all of their products from recycled materials.

Deep Steep.  A 100% Natural product.  A mom gift that I gave to Daddy lol.  Approximate value $6.

Overall, another great month for Citrus Lane.  Approximate value for this month's box was $31.  Subscription costs $25 per month, so definitely worth the retail value, especially in factoring in the free shipping.  The couponer in me however says I can get these items cheaper, but honestly, I love getting a box for N in the mail and have discovered some awesome products!  If you would like to subscribe you can save more by signing up for a 6 month subscription for $125 (rounds out to be $21/month).  Save an additional $10 if you use my referral link (we both get $10) 

Already have Citrus Lane?  What's been your favorite item to date?  Comment below!

May Ipsy 2013

Happy SUNDAY!  I'm a bit behind, but good news is that I have finished my spring quarter of school and will have a much lighter load this summer.  Meaning= quicker reviews!!  Here are my May Ipsy bags (yes bags).  May's bag was such an awesome value and Ipsy changed from just have 1 or 2 either or variations to multiple variations. So to increase my chances of getting what I really really wanted (Macadamia treatment oil), I created another account.
Main account: 

Overall a very solid bag..I was very pleased with this bag and a month later can say honestly I have used everything except the Urban Decay shadow.
This was an extra that selected Ipsy members received.  Thrilled to get this..a $20 value!!  Unfortunately I am not skilled enough to pull this off and it was too beautiful to sit in my vanity and get wasted, so I traded this for a few other items with a fellow Makeup Talk member.
Pacifica is a brand I've tried before through Ipsy.  Love them..cruelty free brand..this product has a light scent with shimmer..perfect for summer!
I am probably late, but I am loving Juice Beauty.  This has been my go to.  I sheer lipgloss in the shade Pink.
Yaby brand concealer in Pecan.  Actually a great match for my skin tone..they used my profile!
Zoya nail polish..big 5 free brand.  I LOVE Zoya..this is the other reason for the 2nd sub this month. Retails at $8.  This color is Piaf from the Spring 2013 Lovey Collection.  See color on my nails in pics below.
Retails for $12.  Received this scent in both bags.  Ipsy sampled this scent and Island Vanilla.
Bag #2
Created a profile with same ethnic background and skin type so I could actually use products tailored to me, but changed my style items and celebrities I follow:

Mirabella Lipstick in Posy.  (Note I am wearing Piaf on my nails!)

Swatch..Nice color for my work look!

Zoya in the shade Gie Gie, also from 2013 Lovey Collection

Anastasia Brow gel...I have to admit this was the one product I cringed when I saw what I was getting.  I received the Chella brow gel in December's (?) bag and it was okay but nothing clear mascara can't do.  But I have used this EVERY day.  It holds all day and does not flake at all...LOVE LOVE LOVE! Will def. purchase full size.


Another Yaby concealer (everyone received the concealer and Zoya, the other items were variations.  Obviously they did not look at profiles of persons who signed up late.  A lot complained about this as very fair people got pecan or honey (which is the shade I traded this for..also a good match for me during winter months.

In all, this has definitely been my favorite month of ipsy.  I've been subscribed since November 2012 and while pleased..this has took the cake.  I am sure to be a long time customer if bags like this with exceptional value continues. 

Want to subscribe?  The wait list is often less than two weeks.  If planning to subscribe, please use my referral link :)  Happy subbing!