Thursday, July 25, 2013

Citrus Lane July 2013

This month's Citrus Lane box I got was for a 18 month old boy.  This month was much better than last month's box, which left many disappointed including myself.  Here is a first look at my box:

I love a full(ish) looking box!

I am very happy with these contents.  Upon first looking at it, this is a well-rounded box, the only thing missing is a book..oh well!

As always, included is an information card and this month a bonus gift (a "mom" gift) is 10 free Postagrams that you can send from your cell phone or computer anywhere.  I haven't tried this yet but plan to send a few out before summer ends and I go back to work!

I was ecstatic when I saw these were going out to my son's age group!  This is a Peg Puzzle by Melissa and Doug.  I have recently been obsessing over their products because I love the old- fashion made/ long-lasting wooden toys.  I had been recently looking at the larger knob puzzles made for 12+ months.  This puzzle is for 2+ and I considered saving it for Christmas when he'll be 22 months but decided to try him with it.  Of course he doesn't know his numbers yet and can't fit the correct pieces in the shape but he is playing with it and it is helping with his fine motor skills as well.  There was several variations that went out of this puzzle that included farm and zoo animals, which has less pieces and is probably a bit easier but I was secretly hoping for this one, although I am planning to purchase the others as well.  Retails at $7.99

Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack - Set of 2.  At first I thought these go in a cooler, but these are for injuries while out and about.  I definitely don't have anything like this in my fist aid kit and since N is now mobile and walking (and a boy!), I'm sure I'll need these sooner rather than later.  Retails at $2.99 

What baby doesn't love applesauce?  I'm all about pouches for on-the-go!  Retails for approximately $.78-$1

Zoli snack stacker..super excited to get this;  I love finding out about new brands through Citrus Lane..Zoli is one of them.   Retails for $18 on, but have found for $14.95 at various retailers.

Another can also add an additional stacker to this one or purchase lids separately ($6-$10 depending on where you shop) if you need a smaller container.
In all, I am very pleased with this month's box.  Approximate retail is around $29.98, and although the shopper in me could probably find the same items for around $20, I still feel the value is there.  Could they improve?  Absolutely!  Although I love pouches, it would have been great to send a bag (or 2!) of snacks that could be transported in the snack stacker.  Some boxes did get individually wrapped Ella's cookies, but you get my point.  If including such a low volume item - the food pouch counts as the 4-6 items, I really wish they would include multiple pouches (i.e. a 4-pack or 2 snack items like they did in May) or another item, (sorry, I don't count the 10 free postagrams as the 5th item in this box).  Just my thoughts though...I am much happier this month than last month and will continue to subscribe.

Did you love this box and want to try Citrus Lane yourself? If you would like to subscribe you can save more by signing up for a 6 month subscription for $125 (savings work out to be $21/month). Save an additional $10 if you use my referral link (we both get $10) here.   

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