Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The New Bluum Boxes!! March 2013

So I wrote in an earlier post that I tried out Bluum, a subscription service for mothers and babies.  I only received 1 box and canceled because I had a billing issue and was unhappy with their customer service (or lack of).  In any case, I decided to go with Citrus Lane because instead of small items and samples you received full sized items and toys for baby.  Bluum has apparently heard the feedback of their customers and revamped their box to include something comparable to Citrus Lane in products and cost.

The new Bluum box will launch this month (March 2013) for $24.95, promising a value of $50 in the box.    I received an email to re-subscribe before March 6th (today) to get a box for March.  I am going to pass on this one for right now, because I feel I get more out of Citrus Lane at the moment and the two services are too similar to justify trying it out for one baby right now.  However, I am happy to share some spoilers for March for those who are curious and will keep my eye out for future boxes.
I am not sure how different the boxes will be depending on your baby's age but I would guess there would be some variation for a 4 month old and 12 month old.  Just going off of the picture, I think they will definitely increase their customer base, but do think they need something distinguishing between other companies.  I am very curious to see the boxes in months to come.  So what do you think of the box and have you signed up?

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