Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 2013 Citrus Lane Review

A few days ago I received my Citrus Lane box for March.  This box is for a 13 month old boy.  I have to admit I had to let it sink in for a couple of days before writing this review.  Here it is :)

 I was pleased to see something that N would be able to grow into.  This puzzle by Mudpuppy is designed for ages 2 and up.  It is two-sided with one side being a color wheel and the other with robots.  This is great for a busy bag and to teach colors.  I will hold on to this for a few months, as N is at the throwing everything over his shoulders stage.
 The star of the box.  I have seen two variations: a ladybug and the lamb. 
 Made by Cloud B, an aroma pillow with a lavendar scent.  Advertised as a pediatrician recommended size (a mini pillow pet).  Ideal age is listed as 2 and up.
 Wee Gallery temporary tattoos: includes 4 of each animal:  lion, monkey, and a parrot.  I honestly don't have any feelings on this one way or another.  I will probably save this until he is around 18 months if I don't gift it.  At the moment he would probably just try to lick it off.

 NutureMe powdered vegetable and fruit packets, one of each as shown.  I was a little disappointed with this as we received this in our first which was less than a year ago.  Although we haven't used the last packets I know that they will all get used.

This in my opinion was an absolute waste of paper.  Very disappointed as I strongly dislike receiving coupons (not a giftcard) in subscription boxes for other services.  I have received this offer in another box a few months ago.  This is not a gift for moms or exclusive to Citrus Lane subscribers as this offer has been floating around the web since last spring.  This is suppose to be an extra however, not part of the value of the box; but still disappointing since moms are used to receiving an actual small product or sample in the past.  Also to caution anyone who is interested, please know that Just Fab is a subscription service as well, so make sure you are getting what you are intending to purchase.

In all, this was a solid month, but not the best.  The Cloud B pillow definitely saved this box.  Although N already has two pillow pets, I think this will be useful and it's the perfect travel size. I liked the puzzle and it was a nice change from getting a book, even though I love getting books and would have much rather received the pillow, puzzle, and book with nothing else. Oh well, there's always next month!


  1. I liked our March box, except I didn't get the powdered food- I got a Peter Rabbit fruit pouch and we got a basic puzzle- I would have loved the color wheel puzzle. But overall, very happy- especially for the Pillow. The JustFab coupon was disappointing- since you can get the same offer just by signing up for the website. Oh well, let's hope April is awesome!

    1. I liked March as well, but it wasn't my top 3 unforunately. I hope that learn from all the feedback and don't put anymore "giftcards" in the boxes!