Tuesday, February 26, 2013

BzzAgent - Quaker Oats Campaign

I've been a BzzAgent since July or so of last summer and only recently got into my first campaign in November with the Afrin Stick Up for Yourself campaign.  Not terribly exciting, but it is a useful product and helped get my score higher so that in a matter of a couple of months I got into a second campaign and now I have four campaigns running at the same time!  My latest one is the Quaker Oats Campaign where I have to say I am very impressed by the swiftness of the product delivery.  In less than 7 days of being accepted into the campaign, I came home from work with a package waiting at my doorstep!

Inside are full-sized (no samples with BzzAgent!) products with the intentions for you to try the product, give honest reviews on the site (which allows your score to go up or down depending on participation, not your review), and then tell your friends about the product in the hopes that word-of-mouth advertising will allow sales to go up.  I think this is a great marketing strategy.  The kit includes coupons for you to pass out to the people you "buzz" to (usually around 10), and an information guide so you can be..well informed about the product when you speak to people.
Inside the first box is cookies as you can see..seven packages individually wrapped, perfect for work or to pack in a lunch.  My husband and I both tried these tonight and I was pleasantly surprised as I did not know what to expect.  Not too sweet and multi grained.
Not too much to say about these.  I have been a fan and consumer of these for years (regular sized) but these are "Big Chewy" bars..so I can expect it to be more satisfying perhaps??  Since it only comes in a package of 5, I suppose one bar will substitute the two I normally would eat in one sitting.
Lastly, what is Quaker without trying their oatmeal.  I am curious to try this out, as I usually only eat plain oatmeal sweetened, but this is favored and left unsweetened so you can add in your own perfect balance.  Named Perfect portions, I suppose this is the ideal size is up to you.

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