Monday, April 1, 2013

Bzz Agent Report on Garnier BB Cream - Swatches and pics for Deep

Hello All :)

I received a free product last Friday..a new BB cream by Garnier.  It is advertised as a skin renew "miracle skin perfector" for combination to oily skin and has a SPF of 20.  I have to say, I love tinted moisturizers and BB creams.  As a not-so new month of a one year old, I don't have time or energy to put on foundation all the time.  These seem like so much less work to do every day before I go to work.  Plus thankfully, I don't need the full coverage that foundation provides.  This gives just enough coverage to even out my blemishes and make me look a bit more pulled together!

Before accepting this product, I searched on line to see if I could find a swatch of the Deep tone but this is a fairly new product and an even newer tone, so I could not find an accurate swatch, even on their site (sadness).  I wrestled for a few moments between Medium/Deep and Deep and decided on deep due to the model being of a lighter African-American complexion and the medium/deep swatches I found to appear way too light.  I am a NC-45 in MAC for reference. 

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that this was not an exact match.  It has just a bit too much of an "orange" undertone.  I do think I will be able to wear it later in the summer, as I will probably match it much better when I'm a bit darker.
 I decided to compare it to my Smashbox tinted moisturizer which is my go to on a daily basis.  (Sigh) I would have loved to trade in my $30 Smashbox for this $11.99 BB cream.
Of course the tinted moisurizer is a bit more sheer because BB creams provide a little more coverage, but you get the idea.
 I don't know if you can tell, but my Smashbox is swatched on the left, and the Garnier is on the right.

Both creams blended completely into the skin.  I love the formula on both.

So in all, I can not give a full review until late Spring when I am able to wear it a full day with out looking odd.  I may try to mix it with another cream to "lighten it up" enough to match me.  I will say however that I love the SPF 20 in the Garnier and the formula goes on smoothly and blends well.  Once  blended in, it does not look as off as I first thought, although it is not a perfect match.  I am a medium complexion, so I am a bit disappointed that the Deep tone will not work with most African-Americans, but other brands may work. This is why I have to pay a bit more money to find a cream that is more suited to me. For example, I tried the Maybelline BB cream last year and found the medium much too light and the medium/deep too dark, but they do have a few to choose from in different shades, so blending two together may work. That's a great thing about being able to select from different find out what works best for you!

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