Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ipsy – Myglam November Bag

This was my first Ipsy (Myglam) bag.  Although I have been subscribed to Birchbox for six months and I am pretty happy, there are limited cosmetics included.  I had heard great thing via the internet regarding how Myglam had changed since changing their name to Ipsy and I just couldn’t resist for $10! 
Ipsy usually processes credit card charges on the 1st of the month and ships in the middle of the month.  Apparently I lucked out because I received my bag on the 10th!  I won’t expect this for the following months, but it was awesome since this was my first month.  There are little variations between the bags from my understanding with the exception of shades of products and for this month subscribers received either brow gel or mascara they’re real by benefit.
Here is what I received:

Pretty impressive for $10!  The nail polish or eyeliner pencil is worth over that alone.  The bag is a chocolate brown with gold hardware.

I've never tried Nailtini before.  The color is called millionaire and it is a great fall glitter polish made up of taupe, bronzes, and gold with larger greenish iridescent tints.  I used two coats with a clear base in the pic shown above.

Need I say more?  A matte shadow by the Balm cosmetics.  Can't wait to try!

 A brand new line, according to Ipsy.  Have not tried or swatched yet, but honestly what could go wrong with a liner?

 Love this!!  Will probably purchase the full size later.  This is a typical shade I would wear (called Dare Devil), so it is within my comfort zone and (I think) looks great with my complexion..and its not "sticky"..a plus for me!

 I don't own a brow gel so this is a welcomed addition.  It's clear, but I have not tried it yet or swatched just in case I want to trade or gift it.

In all very pleased with my first Ispy bag.  If they keep this up I will be gifting subscriptions for next Christmas!  How are you loving yours?  Comment below!!

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