Thursday, May 24, 2012

More About Me

Welcome to my BLOG!! I hope that you can find some useful information in this..please bear with me, as I am just getting started :)

A little background information:  I am a not-so-new first time mother to a wonderful one year old "toddler" boy who for the sake of sparing him from future embarrssment I will refer to as "N."  I am also a full time student, I work full time, and  I'm a wife to my best friend of almost 6 years who  retired from the United States Air Force. 

A lot has been going on within the last year (obviously!) and even two years.  I have had to learn how to re-budget our money after being on an unpaid maternity leave for 3 months (long story), starting a new job, and learning how to be a parent.  I am learning how to spread my time, and keep my sanity and retain some of my identity while I feel my way through the newness of it all.

I am going to share information my small joys that include my family, shopping, and my trials and errors...Hopefully you can learn from what I wished people told me while pregnant instead of just telling me, "oh you just wait!  You'll see!"  I also plan to talk about favorite products, do reviews on baby, family, and self-care items, share our gardening tips, ways to save or stretch the hard earned dollar, and quick recipe ideas.    

I am so excited that you decided to stop by and hope that you enjoy!

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